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Name dropping

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Coming from humble rural roots, it’s not every day that I see the name of a cousin in a prominent national news headline, so this story caught my attention:

MAYERTHORPE, Alta. — The court case of two men charged in the death of four Mounties began Thursday morning with a bizarre outburst from a friend of one of the accused.

As Provincial Court Judge Ken Tjosvold was about to open the hearing, a man stood up in the packed courtroom to offer unsolicited “evidence.”

“I have some new evidence that should be on the record,” said the man, clutching a Bible and describing himself as an “ambassador of the kingdom of heaven.”

When the judge replied that he couldn’t interrupt proceedings, the man asked if the court was “trying to hide something.”

Tjosvold assured him it wasn’t.

Shawn Hennessey, 28, and Dennis Cheeseman, 23, each face four counts of first-degree murder in the March 2005 slaying of four Mounties.

Full news story click here.

No, it’s not the accused, or even the “ambassador of the kingdom of heaven”, that I’m related to.  I guess I had heard that one of those Olson/Tjosvold cousins (another of those that I wouldn’t recognize if I saw him) had recently become a judge.

OK, enough name-dropping for now.  But someday let me tell you about my cousin Chris Loseth