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Monday, July 23rd, 2007

I have been on vacation since the middle of last week, but somehow it doesn’t yet feel like vacation. However we finally decided that, yes we will accept Elizabeth’s kind offer of a week at her cabin at Pigeon Lake, Alberta. For various reasons including the expense of replacing a dead refrigerator and a dead lawnmower, we had considered spending our vacation closer to home. However the kids always look forward to these trips, and we haven’t reached the limit of our line of credit at the bank, so we depart tomorrow. This year will be different because Luke will stay at home, earning an income. It will be good to have someone looking after the house … we won’t get into the issue of stress involved with leaving a teenager in charge.

I did a quick query of MapQuest and Google Maps, and decided that their driving directions shouldn’t be taken at face value yet. Both of them have us going through Edmonton (we’ll go through Camrose) and MapQuest also has us swinging down to Saskatoon, which would be just silly. For their maps click the links below …

MapQuest Driving Directions

Google Maps Driving Directions