Coalition for Knife Control

I’m surprised that with the media coverage of the Medicine Hat trial of the 12-year-old girl who together with her 23-year-old boyfriend murdered her parents and brother, I haven’t seen any calls for tougher controls on knives. After all, we wouldn’t want to blame the perpetrators’ love of the occult and penchant for talking about killing people, would we? If they had used a gun, like that more famous occupant of, it would be very clear that the weapon was to blame. However the Coalition for Knife Control hasn’t yet organized itself.

UPDATED: The hyperlink at “talking about killing people” led to a subscription-required page.  The link now leads to a Google search … just click on the result and it should bypass the Globe and Mail’s subscription requirement.

4 Responses to “Coalition for Knife Control”

  1. Marc says:

    Good point, Philgrim.

    I’d say gun control only affects those who use guns responsibly, for the most part.

    That said, I’m not entirely sure why anyone would need to “collect” high-powered modern assault weapons…

  2. Phil L says:

    Marc, Yup, and I’m one of the responsible gun owners who are affected, in a negative way. I recently sold my semi-automatic shotgun and bought a pump action shotgun. After dutifully registering it, my certificate arrived in the mail, showing it as a semi-automatic. I’m still waiting to hear back from the Canadian Firearms Centre about my request to have them correct that error The delegates to a recent Liberal Convention voted to support a ban on all semi-automatic firearms, and I fear that they may again lead this country. I don’t have a problem with the component of the current legislation that requires licencing of firearm owners. However the firearm registry is so riddled with problems that I believe it should be scrapped.

    BTW, I have no desire to own/collect assault-type weapons (note that fully automatic assault weapons are restricted), but would not support a ban. The key is the word “NEED”. Logically, one could also build a case against anyone NEEDing to own any number of things, including cars capable of going faster than 110 km/hr. After all, they kill far more people in Canada than do firearms. We need to be careful about what property rights society decides to restrict.

  3. Marc says:

    Good points, Phil.

    Interestingly, Bruce Cockburn, an otherwise politically liberal/lefty individual, is apparently opposed to gun control. His thinking is that the ruling powers shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to carry weapons, or something along those lines (he would have said it much more eloquently).

  4. Phil L says:

    ” I ride and I shoot and I play guitar
    And I like my life just fine
    If you try to take one of these things from me
    Then you’re no friend of mine”
    - Bruce Cockburn, “Great Big Love” CD “Nothing but a Burning Light (1991)