Hi-res Google Earth for Prince Albert

I love using Google Earth (and for the times I don’t want to fire up a stand-alone application, but just use a web browser, I also love maps.google.com with the “satellite” or “Hybrid” option turned on), but it’s always been somewhat annoying to check out a bigger city and be able to make out the detail of cars in people’s driveways, while zooming in on Prince Albert quickly resulted in fuzz. Therefore I was pleased to read an article in Saturday’s Prince Albert Daily Herald mentioning the fact that Google has aquired high-resolution satellite imagery for Prince Albert. Multi-spectral Quickbird imagery has a resolution of less than 3 m. I checked it out today, and it is definitely an improvement.

Here’s a scene showing our church (the building with the big yellow push-pin in the roof).

Gateway Covenant Church - Google Earth

Now if only Google would only get hi-res for Strongfield, Saskatchewan (pop. 42).

Strongfield - Google Earth

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