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Good-bye Lake, Hello City

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Our week at the cabin at Pigeon Lake flashed by way too fast. It was a very refreshing few days, combining some hard physical yard work (they now have enough firewood cut and split for at least a year), some reading, jigsaw puzzles, Janet getting heat stroke, Charlotte being visited by Christopher (son of long-time family friends), some good eating and visiting. Good times.

The Village at Pigeon Lake

A highlight for me was not just one but two visits with Aubrey and Marion S, once at the Pigeon Lake cabin, the other at their new energy-efficient home. They are salt-of-the-earth Alberta farmers (bison and beef), with a lot of Christian wisdom related to everything from teenagers to sustainable agriculture and resource stewardship/earthkeeping.

We are now back in P.A. and the girls are jumping on the trampoline that we brought back with us (the people two cottages down from us wanted to get rid of it). I didn’t take a lot of pictures while at the lake, but I’ve put a few in a gallery …  >>click here<<.