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Tonight’s activities include campfire songs and a squirrel roast

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

This was in the Weird News category on the Cnews website …

Sask Bible camp counsellor facing heat for roasting squirrel in front of kids CHRISTOPHER LAKE, Sask. (CP) – A counsellor at a northern Saskatchewan Bible camp is feeling the heat for killing and roasting a squirrel over a campfire. The bushy-tailed rodent was injured after the counsellor at Camp Kadesh threw a stick in its direction. Camp director Curtis Anderson says the man destroyed the injured animal and wanted to prove that nothing should go to waste by skinning and roasting it. …

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The story goes on to state that the counsellor did nothing illegal. However it’s my understanding that the red squirrel is classified as a furbearing animal in Saskatchewan, and can only be killed during open season by a holder of a trapping license. But maybe the critter wasn’t a red squirrel, but was a Richardson’s ground squirrel (better known as the gopher), in which case there is no law against killing them (the story says it was a “bushy-tailed” rodent, which would seem to indicate the red squirrel).

Once the critter was injured, I have no problem with the fact that it was put out of its misery, and not allowed to go to waste (although I prefer my squirrel sauteed rather than roasted). Whatever the circumstances, it’s understandable that some campers and their parents would be upset, so I hope the counsellor agrees that he showed poor judgement.

UPDATE: Apparently the camp is introducing a new animal treatment policy.

Are these Riders for real?

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

We fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders learn at an early age to get used to disappointment. With the exception of that glorious Grey Cup year of 1989, we haven’t had much to cheer about since the glory days of Lancaster and Reed in the 1960s. Well at least some of us are old enough to remember those years. However with the Riders taking revenge on the 1st-place B.C. Lions tonight to improve their record to 4-2, it looks as though this year’s team might be the real thing. Hope springs eternal.

I watched the last half of the game on streaming broadband at TSN’s website. What was with the horrible choppy picture? I’ve watched a couple of CFL games on previously this summer, and the video quality was perfect, unlike tonight’s broadcast. My theory is that the TSN server was bogged down by legions of readers. Randall, you must use your power for good.