Are these Riders for real?

We fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders learn at an early age to get used to disappointment. With the exception of that glorious Grey Cup year of 1989, we haven’t had much to cheer about since the glory days of Lancaster and Reed in the 1960s. Well at least some of us are old enough to remember those years. However with the Riders taking revenge on the 1st-place B.C. Lions tonight to improve their record to 4-2, it looks as though this year’s team might be the real thing. Hope springs eternal.

I watched the last half of the game on streaming broadband at TSN’s website. What was with the horrible choppy picture? I’ve watched a couple of CFL games on previously this summer, and the video quality was perfect, unlike tonight’s broadcast. My theory is that the TSN server was bogged down by legions of readers. Randall, you must use your power for good.

One Response to “Are these Riders for real?”

  1. Marc says:

    Hope does spring eternal, doesn’t it? I don’t follow football as closely as I should, but I do know that I can’t remember a season in which fans didn’t say, “Look at our record so far—this is a different, better team!” And then things go downhill as per usual.

    Maybe we’re jinxing the team with all this eternal hope springing?