Auntie Florence (AKA Saint Florence)

Florence really isn’t my aunt, but our family, and many of the other people at Gateway Covenant Church, know her as Auntie Florence. In the 19 years that I’ve known her, I truly can’t recall her ever saying a negative word about anyone. She taught Sunday School to all four of our children, but that was just a small window of the time she taught the toddler class. At least one family at our church had three generations loved by Auntie Florence in that Sunday School class. A number of years ago I served with Florence on a church board, during a time when the church was dealing with some conflict issues, and she was always ready to point out something positive about the people involved. She never stops loving. In recent years, despite physical setbacks and memory loss that have forced her to give up her apartment and car, she has maintained her smile and humble gratefulness for any small favour.

In the stream of Christianity that I’m part of, we don’t have an official process of recognizing saints, since we generally understand the scriptures as saying that all all believers are numbered among the saints (some of us being less saintly than others), but if we did, I would nominate Saint Florence.

Auntie Florence

2 Responses to “Auntie Florence (AKA Saint Florence)”

  1. Linea says:

    That is a beautiful piece and a beautiful picture of Auntie Florence.

  2. Phil L says:

    Thanks Linea, any credit is due to the subject … your aunt is a beautiful person.