Tonight’s activities include campfire songs and a squirrel roast

This was in the Weird News category on the Cnews website …

Sask Bible camp counsellor facing heat for roasting squirrel in front of kids CHRISTOPHER LAKE, Sask. (CP) – A counsellor at a northern Saskatchewan Bible camp is feeling the heat for killing and roasting a squirrel over a campfire. The bushy-tailed rodent was injured after the counsellor at Camp Kadesh threw a stick in its direction. Camp director Curtis Anderson says the man destroyed the injured animal and wanted to prove that nothing should go to waste by skinning and roasting it. …

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The story goes on to state that the counsellor did nothing illegal. However it’s my understanding that the red squirrel is classified as a furbearing animal in Saskatchewan, and can only be killed during open season by a holder of a trapping license. But maybe the critter wasn’t a red squirrel, but was a Richardson’s ground squirrel (better known as the gopher), in which case there is no law against killing them (the story says it was a “bushy-tailed” rodent, which would seem to indicate the red squirrel).

Once the critter was injured, I have no problem with the fact that it was put out of its misery, and not allowed to go to waste (although I prefer my squirrel sauteed rather than roasted). Whatever the circumstances, it’s understandable that some campers and their parents would be upset, so I hope the counsellor agrees that he showed poor judgement.

UPDATE: Apparently the camp is introducing a new animal treatment policy.

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