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Saturday, September 29th, 2007

In both the business world and in government, recent years have seen an increased emphasis on accountability. Part of that emphasis includes the setting of goals and objectives, the development of work plans, and quarterly assessment of actual progress vs. targets.

Considering that I’ve now been blogging for slightly more than a quarter of a year, I believe that it’s time for an assessment of the 1st quarter (Q1) performance of Philgrim’s Blogress.


#1: … Well, I guess I never really stated a goal. I just found a website hosting service (HostPapa), registered a domain (, installed the blogging software (WordPress), and jumped in.


  • 51 posts (not counting this one) since kicking off on 2007-06-22;
  • 61 comments (several of them by me in response to other people’s comments);
  • 133 spam comments caught by the Akismet Spam Filter, and several more slipped through and removed by me;
  • Webalizer Usage Statistics show the number of “visits” increasing from a daily average of 3 in June (159 “hits”/day) to 91 in September (575 “hits”/day);
  • Times I’ve asked myself, “what have I gotten into?” – Too many to count;
  • Times the above question has been answered – Zero;
  • Biggest mystery – How many of the 91 visits per day are real people, and how many are robots?;
  • Second biggest mystery – If real people are reading my blog, what do they think of it, and why do only a couple of people comment?; and
  • High point – A private email from a co-worker who stumbled across Philgrim’s Blogress. I’m still feeling good about her sincere compliment.

Looking ahead to Q2, I am setting some goals that I believe are realistic and attainable while still stretching me:

  • Aim for at least 20 posts per month;
  • Do something about the bland physical aesthetics of the site (I’m still using the default template since installation);
  • Express my opinion about some “unsafe” issues;
  • Don’t get discouraged when my posts generate zero comments; and
  • Let people know that they are welcome to express other views (politely).