Pants are optional

While leafing through the latest issue of Outdoor Edge magazine, this headline caught my eye…

Notice To All 2007 Big Game Hunters!


In response to resolutions from the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, the dress code regulations for the 2007 big game rifle season have been changed from requiring a complete outer suit of scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange, or white, to only needing these colors from the waist up. The 2007 Hunting & Trapping Guide was printed in advance of the regulation change and therefore lists the requirements incorrectly.

Being the kind of guy who wears both a belt and suspenders, I moseyed over to the Saskatchewan Environment – Fish & Wildlife website, and confirmed the news.

I’m as safety conscious as the next guy, but I’ve always thought Saskatchewan’s requirement of head-to-toe high-visibility colours was a bit extreme. This revision to the dress code is a far cry from Alberta’s lack of any safety colour requirement, but I think it strikes a reasonable balance between the nanny state and complete laissez-faire.

2 Responses to “Pants are optional”

  1. Ian says:

    I can just picture you running around the woods with your guns with the high-vis top on ……..

    and no pants

  2. Phil L says:

    Ian – that’s not a pretty picture. Especially in November.