She’s gone

As I write this post between getting kids ready for school and getting myself ready for the office, Janet’s plane should be disembarking at Gatwick Airport, London.  Now she’ll need to get herself through Customs (easier with her British passport than for a Canadian like me),  and hurry to another terminal where she’ll catch a flight to the south coast of Cornwall, and then still another flight for the jump across to the Isles of Scilly.

She was already tired when we spoke last night, after a full day of visiting friends & family in Winnipeg, and not looking forward to her midnight flight.

Prayers for a safe day, good health, and a great three weeks with her parents, siblings, nephews and nieces, and sundry others that she hasn’t seen in a decade.

UPDATE: Received an email from Janet, who is at her sister’s place in south Cornwall.  The flight across to St. Mary’s will be tomorrow (not today).  My error.

2 Responses to “She’s gone”

  1. SharonK says:

    I always think when the cook is away from home, it’s a great way to lose weight. Husband is leaving Friday.

  2. Phil L says:

    I’ve eaten your husband’s cooking, and I can see how his leaving could be part of a weight-loss plan.
    However Janet likes to cook healthy meals with a lot of green stuff, whereas my cooking is dominated by fried foods. Not sure if I’ll lose weight.
    Wishing success to Ken on his hunt. I’m sure he’ll bring back lots of low-fat protein.