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My two bits of loose change worth

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I was recently urged to watch the documentary “Loose Change”, which I was told proves conclusively that the events of 2001-09-11 were carefully orchestrated by the U.S. government. I areed to watch it, with the stipulation that I would also seek out other opinions.

While watching the film, some of the arguments seemed bizarre but others appeared quite logical, with experts giving what appeared to be reasonable arguments against the “official” story. Perhaps, I found myself wondering, those thousands of victims really were cynically sacrificed because George Bush wanted an excuse to make war.

However it didn’t take very long to answer those questions. There are several “debunking” websites, which, unlike the movie, actually provide careful citations. Two that I found particularly convincing were:

I’m sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists, but it seems to me that the “official version” contains a lot more truth than the Loose Change 2nd Edition video does.

Just my 2 bits worth.