Fire extinguisher training – as much fun as Nintendo Wii

I spent most of yesterday in a compulsory safety training session. Part of the course included hands-on fire extinguisher use. However instead of using a real fire, we used a fire simulator. With the appropriate name “PyroSoft“, the system included a large rear-projection screen, with modified fire extinguishers that point a beam of light at the movie playing on the screen, and compressed air providing authentic sound.

Poor technique, such as directing the propellant at the middle of the flames instead of the base, or not sweeping fully to the sides of the burn area, result in “re-flash”, and a poor time.

So how did I do? Let’s just say that for some reason I was able to put out the “cabinet fire” a lot faster than the fire burning in a pool of gasoline. Based on my time, no fire department would hire me. No career change for me.

However it was kind of fun.

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