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Meat in the freezer

Friday, November 9th, 2007

My couple of days hunting last Friday and Saturday resulted in a filled antlerless deer tag. I still have my either-sex tag. I saw lots of does and fawns, and a couple of small bucks, but passed them up hoping to find that elusive monster buck.

I’m really more a meat hunter than a trophy hunter. I know guys who will hunt until the last minute of daylight on the last day of the season rather than shoot a doe. I on the other hand will probably hunt another day or two, and if I don’t find a decent buck, I’ll bring home more meat.

Anyway, I’ve cut up the doe, and we’ve had one meal of BBQ steaks, which were declared excellent, so at least the pressure is off.

An unexpected gift of Celtino entertainment

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Many many years ago, I saw a folksinger named James Keelaghan at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and enjoyed his performance. Although I can’t say I’ve bought his music, now and then I’ve come across him on CKUA radio online or the Folk/Roots music channel on our TV package, and his down-to-earth style continues to appeal to me.

So yesterday Janet volunteered to help Canadian Parents for French (CPF) with a fundraiser, helping some students run a coat-check at the local performing arts centre, where she bumped into Amy, a very involved CPF parent, who was attending a concert by James Keelaghan and Oscar Lopez, but whose sister and brother-in-law weren’t able to attend, and did Janet know of anyone who could use their tickets on short notice?

Thus within a half-hour we found ourselves at a concert.

It was a really fun evening. Lopez and Keelaghan (Compadres) make a rather unique pair. They call their music style Celtino, because of Keelaghan’s Irish roots combined with Lopez’s fiery Latino stylings. Definitely not top 40 stuff, and that’s just fine with me. They seem to really enjoy hanging out together, and even though some of their banter was kind of corny, it worked for me.

Janet needed to get up early so she left at the intermission, taking the van. I stayed through the second half, and after an encore number of “Spanish is the Loving Tongue”, caught a ride home with a friend, with time to catch the election results before bed.

A good evening.indeed. I’m grateful that the tickets didn’t go unused.

Lean meat

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

“Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage”

Woody Allen

Whitetail deer season has arrived, and I’m off for a couple of days of hunting with my brothers, nephew and niece in the Shell Lake area. I have both an either-sex tag and an antlerless tag, so I’m hunting for both a tender doe and a trophy buck. Chances are I won’t get the monster buck, but the deer population is healthy so there shouldn’t be a problem bringing back some meat. We ran out of the 2006 wild game a couple of months ago and I’m getting tired of the flare-ups from BBQing beef from the store … even the lean beef is much more fatty than deer.