On his own

Luke has found an affordable apartment, and will be moving on the weekend.

And so another milestone approaches … the first to leave the nest.

5 Responses to “On his own”

  1. Toni says:

    Mmmmm. Tricky.

    I hope it’s not too far away, so you get to see him now and again. When Ben moves out I know it’ll be a mixture of sadness and relief at him actually moving into real adulthood.

  2. SharonK says:

    And may God go with him, protecting him, caring for him and his needs and walking with him in this new season of his life. Oh, and if Luke needs a kick in the behind now and then, may God do that too!;-)

  3. Linea says:

    It is a necessary big step. You will miss him as he will also miss you – even if that admission might not be spoken.

  4. Phil L says:

    What Toni said … “… a mixture of sadness and relief.”

    The apartment is in Prince Albert, just a brisk walk away from a mom-cooked meal.

  5. randall says:

    wow, the times are changing, sometimes too quickly, sometimes not fast enough.

    I hope it is good for him, in many ways.

    And I hope it is good for you guys too.