The Rock That Doesn’t Roll

Larry Norman, the Father of Christian Rock n’ Roll, must be in his 60s by now.

I stumbled onto this video clip while searching for a different Larry Norman song. What makes it interesting for me, apart from the fact that Larry is still even alive, and that I enjoyed listening to the song in the 1979s, is the fact that the concert was apparently filmed at a music festival called “Sommergospel“, at a small Norwegian village called Skudeneshavn, on the island of Karmøy, Norway. That happens to be where my maternal great-grandparents emigrated from.

One Response to “The Rock That Doesn’t Roll”

  1. Marc says:

    I’ve never been very familiar with Larry Norman, but my mother-in-law got a concert DVD in stock not too long ago. The first disc was a solo acoustic set and I loved it. The second portion of the concert DVD didn’t work for some reason.