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Loseth men who can’t grow impressive facial hair

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Two Loseth men - one glabrous and one hirsuteI still have mixed feelings about Facebook, since it’s resulted in some meaningful connections but also some time-wasting bombardment with spam.

However one bright spot on Facebook is a group started by my strange brother Dan. It’s called “Loseth men who can’t grow impressive facial hair”. So far it has six members, and the discussions have been deep and meaningful.

If you happen to be a Loseth man (including those with different surnames but Loseth blood), and you have a Facebook account, and your face is more glabrous than hirsute, you are welcome to join.

I am sorry for those who don’t meet those qualifications, but this is an exclusive club. Deal with the disappointment.

Home with a sick kid

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Yesterday Fiona seemed really tired all day, and in the night she started running a fever, and threw up at least once. It was a restless night because along with the fever she started talking nonsense, and didn’t want to sleep in her room, so ended up in bed with mom and dad. She has been sleeping more soundly all morning. Since Janet plays on the worship team, I was the logical choice to skip church and stay home with the invalid.

Janet wonders if the fever might be related to a bump on the head that Fiona received in gym class this Thursday. That collision with a bigger kid resulted in a stitch near her eye, and some bruising. She stayed home from school Thursday afternoon but was well enough to go to school on Friday.

Given the amount of time since that incident, I think this is just a virus. Whatever the cause, I feel for the child.