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Gnostic insights on the Alberta Tar Sands

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Gnostic insights illuminate Alberta Tar Sands prosperity as an apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial Virtual Reality illusion

The Alberta Tar Sands, is a great example how Canadians and humanity in general, is being manipulated by an apparent self-serving alien consciousness. This alien consciousness had been documented in great detail by the ancient Gnostics …

… for the full article in “The Canadian: Canada’s new socially progressive and cross-cultural national newspaper”, click HERE.

It’s interesting to see the Gnostics weighing in on this environmental issue, but I must admit that I’m somewhat confused. I had previously understood that the Gnostics, in the words of Scott McKnight, taught that matter (physical life on earth) was either evil or miserable or something to be endured. What really mattered was spiritual release through ’saving knowledge’ (gnosis)“. LINK. Hence their opposition to the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation … the idea of Jesus as both God and human was disgusting to them. Their environmental awareness explained in the above article is quite a contrast.

UPDATE 2008-02-06: Upon re-reading this post, I realized that people might think that I posted this because impressed with it, rather than because I found the story so bizarre. In fact I needed to read well into the article before realizing that it wasn’t a spoof of those supermarket tabloid stories about alien abductions and other products of recreational pharmaceuticals.