A dilemma

This afternoon while shopping at Superstore I paid for three bags of water softener salt along with the couple hundred bucks worth of groceries that were in my cart. They keep the water softener salt piled outside the store, so I planned to load my groceries in the van first before picking up the salt.

Of course I completely forgot the softener salt until I had arrived home. Then the dilemma became, should I:

  • Write off the $15 to experience;
  • Go back to the store and explain that I had forgotten to pick up the salt, expecting them to believe that I wasn’t scamming them (back for more, eh?); or
  • Go back to the store and just pick up the salt, hoping that no-one would challenge me.

I chose the latter option.

It’s funny how I felt like a skulking criminal as I hastily loaded my booty and fled the scene.

4 Responses to “A dilemma”

  1. Marc says:

    Oh, that was you! I was thinking to myself, “Look what this city has come to.” I nearly reported you to a policeman who happened to be walking by on his beat.

    (I’m kidding, of course. Cops don’t walk beats here.

    And I didn’t really see you either.)

    I would have been as self-conscious as you, that’s for sure.

  2. Linea says:

    I would have been clutching my receipt tightly, waving it noticeably in the air, and did the dirty deed as quickly as possible!

  3. Dan Loseth says:

    Its all on the security video, they’ll be watching you.

  4. Phil L says:

    Uh oh, I didn’t think of that, or I would have taken Linea’s advice and displayed my receipt prominently.
    Now I need to come up with a disguise for my next shopping trip … maybe I’ll do something with my facial hair.