I’ve had better vacations

Since the kids have the week off school, and since I still have some unused vacation leave, I decided some time ago to request all of this week as vacation leave.

We have a to-do list including painting a bedroom, replacing a faucet, starting a reno of Luke’s old room, etc., etc. Plenty of stuff to occupy a week away from work.

And the kids are fully recovered from the bug they all had, and Janet’s getting back to her usual energy level.

So of course beginning Monday was my turn to get sick. And I was so proud of my toughness. It’s probably not the same flu that everyone else in the family had for the last couple of weeks, since I’ve gotten off easier than they did, but it’s still not fun.

However today I actually have enough energy to drag myself to the computer for my first blog post in a week, so I’ll quit complaining now.

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