Kick the sand right back in their faces! Kick! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Charles AtlasOne of the advantages of growing up in a big family is that one or more of your siblings is likely to be eccentric, which makes for some lasting memories. One of those memories is of my brother Dan laughing maniacally while listening to his Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band double album.

The song Mr. Apollo had special meaning for me, a 97-pound weakling who actually at one time ordered the Charles Atlas bodybuilding course.

I have seen Mr. Apollo
Uproot trees with his bare hands
I have seen Mr. Apollo’s
Body building plans

He’s the strongest man
The world has ever seen
And if you take his courses
He’ll make you big and rough

Oh! And you can beat up bullies ’til they cry
“Oh lah! Oh, crikey! Let go, you rotter! Don’t punish me!”

When you’re tough, you’re very fit
Your voice is rough, it sounds like grit
You are so strong, and proud of it
Thanks to Mr. Apollo


So for Dan, and if by chance there are any others out there who remember the Bonzos, here they are, in an old clip with terrible quality …

3 Responses to “Kick the sand right back in their faces! Kick! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

  1. Dan says:

    Crikey! I was just singing this in the shower yesterday!

  2. Marc says:

    Phil, you rotter, what’s up with all the confessions this week? Some kind of penance for something you did at home? :)

  3. Phil L says:

    What confession?
    “Five years ago, I was a four stone apology
    Today, I am two separate gorillas
    No tiresome exercises, no tricks,
    no unpleasant bending, Wrestle poodles and win!
    Play beach ball! Shave your legs! Lope over walls!
    Tease people! Brush them aside as though they were matchsticks! …”