More yodelling please

Every time I listen to Nanci Griffith singing that cowboy song “Night Rider’s Lament” I get goosebumps when the yodeller kicks in following the lyrics

They’ve never seen the northern lights

Never seen a hawk on the wing

Never seen the spring hit the Great Divide

Oh, they’ve never heard old Camp Cookie sing

<brief yodelling sequence>


Why doesn’t the radio have more yodelling?

I’m waiting for yodelling to experience a resurgence in popularity.

Meanwhile here is a YouTube clip with Johnny Cash and Louis Armstrong yodelling the blues.

3 Responses to “More yodelling please”

  1. Linea says:

    Well, if he is up visiting again in the near future, I could bring Kieran over. He attempts a little yodel and is quite proud of himself.

  2. Phil L says:

    Linea, That sounds great.

    BTW, do you think that the church worship team might consider incorporating a bit of yodelling into the Sunday morning music?


  3. Linea says:

    You are on as guest artist, Phil. Start practicing and when you are ready…
    we’ll clear out the church fast.