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Reasonable accommodation of Scandinavians

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Anyone who reads the newspapers in Canada is aware of some of the debates on “reasonable accommodation” of immigrant groups, such as whether Muslim women should be required to unveil their faces when voting, whether Sikh men should be allowed to carry kirpans in public, etc. However for some reason a debate that gets very little coverage is the lutefisk question.

My personal viewpoint is that lutefisk consumption should not be banned outright, in keeping with Canada’s tolerant tradition, but strict rules should be imposed to protect innocent victims within smelling distance.

“Every Advent we entered the purgatory of lutefisk, a repulsive gelatinous fishlike dish that tasted of soap and gave off an odor that would gag a goat. We did this in honor of Norwegian ancestors, much as if survivors of a famine might celebrate their deliverance by feasting on elm bark. I always felt the cold creeps as Advent approached, knowing that this dread delicacy would be put before me and I’d be told, “Just have a little.” Eating a little was like vomiting a little, just as bad as a lot.”

(Garrison Keillor – Lake Wobegon Days)