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Turning under an old leaf

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

The compost bin that I built in the early 90s had given me a lot of service, but it has been disintegrating more each year, and I was starting to worry what the neighbours were thinking about the eyesore.

Old compost bin

There are a lot of different ways to design compost bins. I built this one slightly tapered from bottom to top so with a bit of grunting it can be heaved off the contents, which are then forked back in. A regular turning will speed up the process, but even with only one or two turnings each year, our vegetable table scraps (no meat or milk products), grass clippings and leaves are transformed into a rich soil improver.

Our new compost bin uses basically the same design. The lumber came from Habitat For Humanity’s RE-Store. A coat of old fence stain to pretty it up, and it’s at work transforming our garden waste by the magical process we call rot.

New compost bin