Another day of trail clearing and fishing

I took the day off work to spend it at Shell Lake. Glenn and Gloria and kids, the folks who co-own “The Quarter” with us, were spending a couple of days visiting with my brother and family. They were very gracious about having me, accompanied by Jennifer, Fiona and Gerard, crash their party.

We spent about three hours clearing trail, then knocked off for a couple of hours fishing on Little Shell Lake. I came back with six small pike, which we’ll fry up tomorrow. An excellent supper and a bit of visiting, then the 1-hour drive back to P.A.

Some people love city life, but I would gladly leave the city to move out to our land. Going to Shell Lake still seems like going home to me, even though I only spent the first 13 years of my life on that bush farm. If it weren’t for the hour-long drive to work each day, and the fact our kids wouldn’t have the French Immersion option available, I would seriously consider the move.

2 Responses to “Another day of trail clearing and fishing”

  1. Sarah Loseth says:

    Hardly crashing a party!
    So are we going to create our own little retirement community in a few more years?

  2. Shirley says:

    The cabin we rented at Candle this summer was in a subdivision accessed by a narrow dirt road through the trees. It brought on a Shell Lake nostalgia moment. I still love getting up into the bush. Birch Hills is just not the same, so much open space.