Removed post

Yesterday I posted about Rev. Lucien Larré returning his Order of Canada to protest the choice of Dr. Henry Morgentaler as an Order of Canada recipient.

Although I remain as opposed to the idea of awarding Morgentaler with the Order of Canada as I was when posting last night, I regret that I didn’t check further into Father Larré’s story. It appears that he may not be a deserving recipient himself.

I have removed that post, and hereby offer my apologies to anyone offended by my “kudos”.

2 Responses to “Removed post”

  1. Marc says:

    What does it mean that he was pardoned of the conviction?

  2. S. Henderson says:

    Father Larre, a man severely disabled by polio since he was a child, is not the abusive person the media would have us believe. He is a kind, humble man that has helped many trouble youth. The media hype about his past is overblown and out of context. Father Larre stopped a pedophile from assaulting a fourteen year old with a slap. The incident is explained on this blog: Titled: Media Sophists Try to Sully Order of Canada Recipient.