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Elk hunt update

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

We leave today for our elk hunt, which I posted about previously.  The groceries have been purchased, most of the equipment is ready to load on the truck or trailer, and I’m just hoping that I won’t forget something really important, such as my rifle or my elk tag.   We decided to set up camp today instead of tomorrow, for fear that another group might beat us to our selected camping location.  It will be nice to have a full day tomorrow for scouting.

I have been worrying a bit that if the weather is too warm the elk won’t be getting into the rut, and thus won’t respond to our calls.  However the 5-day forecast looks fairly normal for this time of year, unlike our hunt of 2000 in Greenwater, when every day was blazing hot and we heard hardly any bugles.  Showers are predicted for mid-week, which is OK as long as the rain doesn’t sock in for too long.  The nights are predicted to be fairly cool (getting down to 3 C).  A bit of frost would really get the elk in the mood for love.

I’m fairly optimistic about our chances of success on this hunt, but we’ve been skunked before.  I’ll try to provide an update next weekend, before I depart again (for the fall WESBOGY meeting at Slave Lake, Alberta).