Elk hunt finished, off to Slave Lake

Our elk hunt was semi-successful.  If the rut has started, we didn’t have much evidence, since about the only bugling we heard was the attempts of other hunters.  However Glenn saved us from being skunked by shooting a big fat cow elk that came to his Hootchie Mama call. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera along, until Glenn and Mike picked up one of those cheap disposable cameras for me when they did the meat run.

Unfortunately I came back from the hunt having picked up a dilly of a cold.  It’s deep in my chest, and really not much fun at al.  I’ve been seriously thinking of not going to Slave Lake for the WESBOGY meeting, but if I’m not feeling worse by tomorrow, I think it will be a go.

So once again, things will be quiet around here for awhile.  I realize most of my readers (including the spammer bots) may not be interested in forest growth & yield technicalities, so I’ll probably spare you of insights gained this week.

3 Responses to “Elk hunt finished, off to Slave Lake”

  1. SharonK says:

    I, for one, am quite happy to hear about your semi-successful elk hunt…..but, please, oh please, could you keep the WESBOGY details for a more special occasion.

    We will be forever indebted.:-))

  2. SharonK says:

    Oh, and get well too, Phil. No fun being ‘tick.

  3. Deb W says:

    Congrats on the elk Phil. I was wondering how you guys made out. Too bad about the cold, it is going around. Weren’t you sick last time you had to go to Edmonton? I am wondering if this is bad karma or something?? Talk to you when you return.