Highway 1 Revisited

We spent so many years living on a single income that when I hear of big-name artists performing at venues within a reasonable driving distance of our little city the thought of attending just doesn’t cross my mind.  It doesn’t fit our family budget – end of discussion.

So when Charlotte casually announced that she had been chatting with her cousin Derek on Facebook and he had suggested that bringing the Ancient Uncle to the upcoming Bob Dylan concert in Regina would be fun, and that Uncle Marv and I should go too, my paradigm was shaken.

The upshot is that the tickets have been purchased and on November 1st two generations of Dylan fans will drive from P.A. and Shell Lake to Regina to enjoy a music icon.

I’m looking forward to our road trip.  I just hope he’ll perform a song or two from Blood on the Tracks, and a couple from his born-again Christian period.

3 Responses to “Highway 1 Revisited”

  1. Linea says:

    I am jealous. And I suppose, showing my age.

  2. Marc says:

    I’m a little jealous, too. I was talking to Charlotte about the concert on Sunday, but didn’t realize you would also be attending. How exciting!

    I’ve heard that Dylan can be a bit “bi-polar”, if you will, in concert: either brilliant or lousy. I certainly hope and wish for a brilliant show for you guys in Regina!

    I look forward to the Philgrim Review of the concert.

  3. Dan Loseth says:

    So how was it , worth the drive I hope .