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Busy week

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

It seems like this week has been even busier than most.  Part of the reason is that I’m getting ready for a short (2-day) Antlerless Mule Deer hunt with the muzzleloader.  Ken and Charlie have a good area where they hunt most years.  They started hunting today, and Eric and I will drive down to the area after work tomorrow, and will hunt Friday and Saturday.  It’s in Wildlife Management Zone 14, close to the South Saskatchewan River near Kyle.

Yesterday was particularly busy, since I’d scheduled an “Energuide” home evaluation which took a chunk of the afternoon.  I also made a batch of goose jerky, and racked two batches of fruit wine (chokecherry and saskatoon) that were finished their primary fermentations.

Janet has this unreasonable expectation that since we both are working full-time now, perhaps I should do a bit more of of the cooking than I have in the past, so tonight I cooked supper.  We’ve had some ruffed grouse taking up room in the freezer for a year, so that was the meat.  It went over well with the kids.

Now I’m waiting for the maps of the hunting area to finish uploading to the GPS.  I’d like to get a newer model with USB interface … 24 MB of map data is taking about 2 hours to transfer over the serial connection on my aging Garmin GPSmap 76S.

(After writing that last sentence, I checked the progress, and found that there was an error communicating … “please check the connection …”  Can’t spot anything wrong.  Re-started the transfer, and will leave it running overnight.)

At least I think I’m pretty well packed for the hunt, the tags have been purchased, etc.

Enough rambling.  G’nite.