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The Prince Albert Hillbillies

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

A scene from the current season of The Prince Albert Hillbillies …

Ma:  Well Pa, I reckon tonight it’s your turn to cook supper.

Pa:  Doggone it Ma, I’ll be hogtied if you ain’t right.

Ma:  Did you think to take anything out of the freezer last night?

Pa:  Naw, but I was figurin’ on mebbe just cuttin’ the tenderloins outta the deer that’s hangin’ in the garage.

Ma:  That sounds mighty fine Pa.

Our conversation wasn’t exactly as above – I’ve used a bit of artistic license.  For one thing, Janet still retains her precise British grammar in addition to a hint of accent.

But she did comment on how some people would consider it strange to cut a meal’s meat from a carcass hanging in one’s garage. 

I on the other hand think it’s normal.

(By the way, the stir fry was mighty fine, if I do say so muh self)