A different ecosystem

Being most accustomed to the ecoregions of Saskatchewan’s Boreal Plain ecozone, I am not very familiar with the prairie ecosystems.  The area we were in for our short mule deer hunt is in the middle of the Mixed Grassland ecoregion. I’ve hunted there several years ago, but it still took awhile to remember to check for cacti before sitting or kneeling on the ground.

We were in close proximity to the South Saskatchewan River, and the waterfowl migration was in full swing.  I have never seen so many sandhill cranes.  We saw lots of pronghorn antelope, sharptail grouse and other prairie species.  I even managed to shoot my first pheasant.

It’s a very scenic area, especially the breaks beside the river.  Apparently the Canadian made-for-TV movie “The Englishman’s Boy” (I haven’t seen it but now I’d like to) was filmed in the area.

I even learned a new card game.  Ken called it “The Card Game With No Name”.

And between the four of us we managed to get five deer, so this omnivore won’t be going hungry for awhile.

One Response to “A different ecosystem”

  1. deb says:

    Good for you guys on getting your meat for the winter! I too learned a valuble lesson on paying attention before you “squat”. It was Alberta and their famous wild roses – darn things!!