The Prince Albert Hillbillies

A scene from the current season of The Prince Albert Hillbillies …

Ma:  Well Pa, I reckon tonight it’s your turn to cook supper.

Pa:  Doggone it Ma, I’ll be hogtied if you ain’t right.

Ma:  Did you think to take anything out of the freezer last night?

Pa:  Naw, but I was figurin’ on mebbe just cuttin’ the tenderloins outta the deer that’s hangin’ in the garage.

Ma:  That sounds mighty fine Pa.

Our conversation wasn’t exactly as above – I’ve used a bit of artistic license.  For one thing, Janet still retains her precise British grammar in addition to a hint of accent.

But she did comment on how some people would consider it strange to cut a meal’s meat from a carcass hanging in one’s garage. 

I on the other hand think it’s normal.

(By the way, the stir fry was mighty fine, if I do say so muh self)

2 Responses to “The Prince Albert Hillbillies”

  1. Marc says:

    The father of a boyhood friend was a hunter and each autumn I would have to navigate through the deer carcasses hanging from the garage ceiling, as the main entrance to the house was in the garage. I was probably young enough to learn quickly that a gutted deer hanging upside down over a dried pool of its own blood was the way things worked in the world.

    Seems to be a very convenient way to get a meal. And fresh!

    (By the way, I expect a full report on Saturday’s concert—set list and all! :) )

  2. Toni says:

    Nothing I wouldn’t do Phil.

    Actually there was a time we had no money, and roadkill was very welcome when available and still animal shaped.

    We also have friends that grew up in the country more than us. On one occasion the husband was dismantling a deer in the shed, bloody to the elbows. His wife sent the children out to ask in front of the neighbours “Daddy, where’s mummy? What have you done with mummy?”