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No dinner for me

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Some people like ambiguity.  I don’t.  Hence for example my preference for the International date format, which I blogged about on 2007-09-13.

But today’s post isn’t about dates, it’s about dinner. Specifically, the fact that half the time I don’t know which meal is being referred to when people use the word “dinner”.

I grew up referring to the mid-day meal as dinner.  Like other Saskatchewan farm folks our family ate three square meals every day, being breakfast, dinner, and supper.

However I have also rubbed shoulders with people who insist that the mid-day meal is properly called lunch and the late afternoon/evening meal is dinner, and only hillbillies believe otherwise.

My solution?  I avoid that ambiguous word “dinner.”  Today I ate lunch (not dinner) at noon, and after returning home from work I ate my supper (not dinner).

No dinner for me, thank you very much.