No dinner for me

Some people like ambiguity.  I don’t.  Hence for example my preference for the International date format, which I blogged about on 2007-09-13.

But today’s post isn’t about dates, it’s about dinner. Specifically, the fact that half the time I don’t know which meal is being referred to when people use the word “dinner”.

I grew up referring to the mid-day meal as dinner.  Like other Saskatchewan farm folks our family ate three square meals every day, being breakfast, dinner, and supper.

However I have also rubbed shoulders with people who insist that the mid-day meal is properly called lunch and the late afternoon/evening meal is dinner, and only hillbillies believe otherwise.

My solution?  I avoid that ambiguous word “dinner.”  Today I ate lunch (not dinner) at noon, and after returning home from work I ate my supper (not dinner).

No dinner for me, thank you very much.

7 Responses to “No dinner for me”

  1. Marc says:

    That’s my solution as well. Avoid the term “dinner”.

    Second option: go with Dinner and Tea, respectively.

  2. randall says:

    I grew up with the same understanding, but my wife, bless her heart but she doesn’t know dinner from supper.

    So I take your experience as my own.

    Lunch it is.

  3. Toni says:

    We do breakfast, dinner and tea. However a ‘nice’ meal in the evening is dinner and supper is a lighter snack mid/late evening.

    Somehow we all *seem* to get fed, so it doesn’t matter.

  4. Phil L says:

    If I lived in the UK I’d probably refer to a meal as “tea”, but as it is, I see “tea time” as being synonymous with “coffee break”. i.e. throwing tea into the mix just adds to the ambiguity.

  5. Dan Loseth says:

    Dinner, Supper, either word gets me excited! (I think most people in this part of the country have forgotten that they are originally from Sask and claim to not know what the word ” Supper” means.)

  6. Roger Loseth says:

    I like Phil have come to aviod dinner,at least since I moved to BC probably why I’ve gotten so skinny this is making me hungry.

  7. Phil L says:

    Roger, I can’t imagine you getting skinny.