Grandpa was level on the level

Farming didn’t work out really well for Grandpa.  Maybe if the soil had been more productive the farm would have prospered, but those grey luvisolic soils are better suited to growing trees than grain.  Even the few cattle that he pastured didn’t provide much income.

Somewhere in his early life, perhaps before he changed his name from Lars to Louis, he had picked up enough building skills to be able to craft his first home out of logs using traditional Norwegian techniques.  He soon learned to build using more standard 2X4 stud wall frame construction, began to build houses for neighbouring farmers, and eventually carpentry became his primary occupation.

Many of the houses and commercial buildings that he built are still standing in and around Shell Lake.  Those solid buildings continue to testify to the quality of his workmanship.

So here is a concert video of John Prine performing “Grandpa Was A Carpenter”.

… Grandpa was a carpenter
He built houses stores and banks
Chain smoked Camel cigarettes
(actually he chewed Copenhagen snuz)
And hammered nails in planks
He was level on the level
And shaved even every door
And voted for Eisenhower
cause Lincoln won the war …
(actually he left the USA before he was old enough to vote)

(cousin Roger – I know you could see this coming).

4 Responses to “Grandpa was level on the level”

  1. Roger Loseth says:

    Well well, funny how so many Loseths became John Prine fans because of you and Marv. That song was my Dads favorite song that I bellered that and a Guy Clark song called “Imigrant Eyes. Yes I guess I shoulda saw that one coming.

  2. Phil says:

    Roger, Blame Ray for introducing John Prine to the family.

  3. Roger Loseth says:

    Oh that makes sense. I acctualy think of both Grampa and Ray whenever I hear that song.

  4. Mr. C.C. says:

    My Grandpa was a Redman Tobacoo dipper.