Looking for gold along the Scillonian coasts

Our family plays more board games during this Christmas and New Years time than at any other time of the year.  We’ve re-discovered Monopoly this year.  And of course we needed to have at least one game of Scilly Gold.

Playing Scilly Gold

Scilly Gold board game

4 Responses to “Looking for gold along the Scillonian coasts”

  1. Mr. C.C. says:

    Board games are pretty cool. I played Monopoly Tropical Tycoon. It is a pretty good version. You get to see who is a tycoon of the island. It has an accompanying DVD with it.

  2. Marc says:

    Scilly Gold? A game dedicated to a small group of islands off the coast of England? Cool. Is it an “island domination” game?

  3. Phil L says:

    Argghh no, matey. It’s a pirate game, where the object is to be the first to arrive at the square on the board where Jim Bone buried his treasure. In the course of the game you gather clue cards that give either a location, a direction, or a distance, and when a player has one of each the race to the treasure is on, with various battles and skullduggery. On Boxing Day, Janet found the gold two paces west of Giant’s Castle.
    Of course the Isles of Scilly have a long history of piracy … after all they are just a few miles offshore from Penzance.

  4. Melody says:

    Sounds like a cool game, and a fun family time. Nice.