Venture in to Venturoso while you still can

Just in case any book lovers in the Prince Albert area still aren’t aware or have forgotten, this is a reminder that Venturoso Books will close its doors for good on December 24. The P.A. Daily Herald story can be found by clicking here.

I popped in yesterday and picked up a couple of books at 40% off.  The sale prices will get progressively better as the closing date approaches.  They still have lots of used books, and quite a few new books (predominantly Canadian/Saskatchewan/local interest stuff, which they seem to specialize in).

Venturoso is a nice change from the used book stores that specialize in trashy novels, comics and garish posters.  They will be missed.

Ventuoso Books

2 Responses to “Venture in to Venturoso while you still can”

  1. Marc says:

    One more reason to read the local paper. I had no idea they are closing. I used to frequent Venturoso until I joined Bookmooch a year or two ago. I guess it’s time for another visit.

  2. Mr. C.C. says:

    I have been in Venturoso a time or two. The most recent visit was in the summer after I helped serve soup downtown when I came up on a few days off. I went with Mark and Greg. You never know what you will find in a used bookstore.