Green stimulus

The new federal budget will be presented in just a few days.

That’s the Canadian federal budget, in case you’ve been totally immersed in Obama news.

There’s a lot of pressure on the Conservatives for big spending projects to stimulate the flagging economy.  As much as I hate to see Canada getting into deficit spending again, building up the debt for our children to pay off, I do understand that in times of recession a case can be made for the government running deficits while spending more to stimulate the economy.  I just hope that the feds will choose their spending priorities wisely.

If spending is to increase, I agree with the four former Prime-Ministers who have issued a call for a Green Stimulus package as part of the budget.  I don’t know if all of the elements are sound, but I like the idea of increased spending on alternative energy sources, including biomass from the forest.

I also would like to see a more generous grant for home energy retrofits.  The current ecoENERGY Retrofit program provides some incentive but it could certainly be improved.

And maybe the feds could match or increase the new $50 Low/Dual-Flush Toilet rebate water conservation program announced by the Saskatchewan provincial government last week.  I’d follow my cousin Roger’s lead and save on my water bill by peeing behind the shed but the neighbours would probably complain.

One Response to “Green stimulus”

  1. Roger Loseth says:

    Yes I agree they need to invest more in green energy but I fear that will be abandoned in these new economic times.