Northwest Passage from Stan to Obama

I’ve been listening to some of the nominees in CBC Radio 2’s 49 songs from north of the 49th parallel contest, and there have been some good ones, including a couple of Neil Young songs.

However I hadn’t heard any mention of that very Canadian song “Northwest Passage” by the late great folksinger Stan Rogers.  I saw him perform it at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival sometime in the early 1980s, probably a year or two before he died.  The song gave me goose bumps then and it still does.

I checked out the “Obama’s Playlist” website, and yes Northwest Passage by Stan Rogers has been nominated, so I don’t need to do that. However I’ll be sure to vote for it.

I wish I could offer up a YouTube clip of the full song, but all I could find that actually had Stan Rogers singing (instead of covers by other singers), was this short clip that only includes the chorus.

Youtube does have a somewhat longer version, albeit not including all the song’s verses, as background to a montage of icebreaker shots on a CBC documentary that ran on “The National”, that can be viewed here.

UPDATE: I belatedly realized that just because a song had already been nominated didn’t mean that it would make the shortlist (duh), so I emailed in my nomination.

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