There is hope


(source: Environment Canada)

4 Responses to “There is hope”

  1. Toni says:

    We’re off skiing on Saturday (first time ever). It looks like Sask will be warmer than Austria!

  2. Sarah Loseth says:

    I’d rather it stay a little colder than what they are predicting – I fear the melting and the ice that it will create. Not fun for me!

  3. Phil L says:

    Yeah when I checked today they were forecasting 5C for both Sunday and Monday. I agree that just makes a mess with the slush and ice. Oh well, we wouldn’t want to run out of things to complain about would we?

  4. Roger Loseth says:

    It’s been 5C here for over a week! Water finding cracks everywhere, it’s coming into the basement and leaking around the chimney into Jaydah’s bedroom. I was up on the roof shoveling snow and taring then over to the downspouts to get the water into the undergound drainage system some fun…welcome to the inland coastal region I guess.