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Update on those eight bible translations

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Way back in the summer of 2007 I posted about a parallel New Testament containing eight translations that I had recently started reading through.

Well I finished the book of Revelation some time ago, but hadn’t got around to posting an update.

However today I noticed that Marc has a post on the subject of bible translations, so I figure this is an appropriate time to give my top picks.

1. For a “reading” bible, my next purchase will be the New Living Translation (NLT).   A couple of the other “dynamic equivalence” translations were close, but I thought the Today’s New International Version (TNIV) wasn’t quite as readable, and I found “The Message” somewhat annoying after awhile … it seemed to be trying too hard to be colloquial.

2.  For a “study” bible, my next purchase will be the English Standard Version (ESV).   I agree with Marc and a couple of commenters on his post that the average reader is in no position to really know how close a translation is to the original (I can’t read Greek), but the fact that it’s been criticized as the translation favoured by “conservatives” endears it to me.


Reading through the eight translations simultaneously was a worthwhile experience.  I might even do it again some year.