Human Achievement Hour – conservatives against conservation

Conservation was drilled into me from birth by my conservative parents.  Being good stewards was really important to them, both having spent their formative years on struggling farms during the “Dirty Thirties”.

So as a small-c conservative I whole-heartedly support Earth Hour, and tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. my family will turn off the lights and enjoy another dimly-lit evening of board games, as we did last year.

Earth Day 2008 - Dad and Fiona play a card game (unfortunately lit up by the flash)

Earth Day 2008 - daughter and dad play a card game (unfortunately lit up by the flash in this picture)

And no, I won’t be participating in Human Achievement Hour by idling my vehicle for an hour – unlike an alarming number of right-of-centre folks.  (Just when did it become fashionable for conservatives to oppose conservation?)

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