More IE annoyance

A few days ago I upgraded my blog software, WordPress, to version 2.7.1.

It took me a couple of days to realize that my header image wasn’t displaying.  I was able to fix that fairly quickly.

A more serious annoyance is that, although Firefox seems to display my blog properly, Internet Explorer doesn’t.  For example my blog post of February 14 only displays up to the end of the lyrics, but doesn’t display the picture of Kip Dynamite singing to La Fawnduh, or any of my older posts.  IE also doesn’t want to display any of the stuff along the right-hand side of the page, such as the blogroll and archives.

And I really don’t feel motivated to tinker with this.  I realize that not everyone uses Firefox, but in a perfect world they would …. IMHO of course.

3 Responses to “More IE annoyance”

  1. Mr. C.C. says:

    Not everybody likes Firefox. Some people prefer Internet Explorer, Opera, MSN browser, Google browser, etc. over Firefox. Maybe you should make it browser friendly on all browsers.

  2. Phil L says:

    Hey Chris, If I was selling something I would probably feel motivated to cater to all potential clients, regardless of their web browser. In fact maybe I’d recognize that fact that some people prefer speaking French or Norwegian or Lingala, and go to the effort of making my site friendly to as many clients as possible.
    That said, yeah I’ll probably get around to troubleshooting this problem one of these weeks.

  3. Phil L says:

    The problem was indeed with the Feb 14 post “Always and Forever”, specifically the configuration of the picture of Kip and La Fawnduh.