Once again it’s been a long time between blog posts.  And again it’s mostly due to lack of motivation.  However I can also blame my preoccupation with my computer problems.  Actually since my kids use it more than I do, I shouldn’t even call it “my computer”.

The hard drive has been at near capacity for awhile.  I deleted files, I compressed files, I nagged the kids to get rid of un-needed files, but it didn’t take long till it was full again.

I considered buying an external hard drive, but decided to instead replace the internal drive, thinking I’d replace the existing drive rather than add a second drive.  I found a sale on a 500 GB drive.  That’s when the fun began.  A virus scan found some Trojan Horses in some files one of my bad kids had copied to the HDD.  Then I had problems with the backup.  Then after physically installing the drive I discovered that I couldn’t boot from my CD-ROM or from my DVD drive.  Then I tried making a bootable diskette but it had been so long since I’d used the diskette drive that it was packed with dust – it looked like felt.  After cleaning it out I still couldn’t make it work.  I eventually just installed the HDD as a second drive.

At one time I considered myself fairly computer savvy but no longer.

Anyway I still need to do some moving of user profiles etc. but that can wait.  So I’m sneaking in a blog post before driving to Saskatoon to pick up Jennifer at the airport.  She’s returning from an educational trip to Québec with her class.  We should be back in P.A. around 2:00 a.m.  Fun times.

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