Only a week till Saint Joseph’s Day

One of my favorite movies of 2005 was “Millions“, a delightful story of a boy who memorizes statistics on saints (did you know that Saint Clare of Assisi is the patron saint of television?) the way some boys memorize sports statistics.

Several saints make an appearance in the movie.  One of them was Saint Joseph.

As I’ve mentioned previously on these pages, my evangelical Protestant church background hasn’t had much place for saints.  I was aware of the Joseph of the New Testament mostly as the kid in the Christmas pageant who accompanied Mary to Bethlehem, asked the innkeeper if he had a room, settled for the barn, then stood around the stable while the real action happened.

I didn’t realize until recently that March 19 is Saint Joseph’s Day.  A recent article in Touchstone magazine helped me realize that Joseph isn’t just a kid in a bathrobe with a towel on his head, but as the step-dad of Jesus and the husband of Mary, is an excellent model of manliness for Christian men to emulate.  Read the article here.


(That same issue of Touchstone has a couple of other good articles on the subject of Joseph (Abba, Joseph! by Russell D. Moore; Father Joseph by Patrick Henry Reardon), but they aren’t online.

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