Seals and senators

This news article on the CBC website is encouraging.

An effort by a Liberal senator to effectively ban the East Coast seal hunt was dealt a fatal blow Tuesday when not a single colleague could be found to second his motion.

Senator Mac Harb, a former MP from Ottawa named to the upper chamber in 2003, tried to put forward a bill to cancel the traditional hunt for everyone except aboriginal hunters with treaty rights.

But his effort was met with silence.

Some of Harb’s colleagues who have spent over two decades in the Senate said they couldn’t recall the last time a bill failed to find a seconder.

Gerry Byrne, a Liberal MP from Newfoundland, said the lack of support for cancelling the seal hunt should send a clear message to the European Union, which appears likely to support a ban on importing most seal products.

Byrne said even if parliamentarians disagree with a bill, they’ll often rise to second it out of respect for a colleague. But he said opposition to banning the hunt is so complete that nobody even wanted to discuss Harb’s bill.

(full story here).

Kudos to the senate for refusing to consider this bill.

What I found especially encouraging is the number of reader comments following the story in support of the seal hunt, and the number of “Agree” (thumbs up) votes for those comments.  Most Canadians live in urban environments, but apparently they aren’t as out of touch with natural resource management issues as I feared.

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