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In cahoots

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

The newly characterized antibiotic, which Clardy and Currie call dentigerumycin, is a depsipeptide containing unusual amino acids, such as piperazic acid and N-hydroxyalanine, as well as a polyketide-derived side chain containing a pyran ring.

If that sentence is Greek to you, join the club.

However I’m glad that there are people who understand the science of the symbiotic relationship between ants, fungi and bacteria, and are working to use it for the benefit of humans.  In my opinion, the potential for new drugs, and enzymes to potentially turn wood waste into liquid fuels, is worth investing in.  I for one do not begrudge my tax dollars helping to fund this kind of research.

And still holding …

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Tuesday April 14, at noon.

North Saskatchewan River, 2009-04-14, ice is holding

The ice is holding, but it’s turning black, and there are open patches along the shore.  I’m still holding out for an April 15 ice break-up.