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The ice has broken – spring is here

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Since the kids have had all of this week off school for Easter break, I decided to take today off.  Fiona and I ran an errand, and on our way back we swung by River Street to check the ice at the boat launch.

At first glance it looked as though the ice was still holding.

North Saskatchewan River 2009-04-17 - broken

However a second look revealed that the ice was flowing downriver.  To prove it I took a short video clip with my digital camera – poor quality but enough to see the ice movement.

This was at around 11:30 this morning, so I’ll assume that the ice broke after midnight.  i.e. Linea is the icebreaker winner.  Unlike Marc, I don’t have any pilcrows to give out, so an Attagirl will have to do.

Leaving the nest for England

Friday, April 17th, 2009

For our friends who haven’t already heard, both Luke and Charlotte are planning to go to England.

They will be staying in a flat on Pelistry farm, i.e. in the same yard as their Grandma and Grandpa Bird and their uncle and aunt Mervyn and Stephanie and cousins Jon, Dan and Adelle.

Because their mother is British, they automatically have dual citizenship, so they can legally find work in England.  They will help on the farm, but they also hope to find work in the tourism sector once summer arrives.

Charlotte won’t leave until she has graduated from high school at the end of June, but Luke plans to buy his airline ticket as soon as his British passport arrives (the Canadian passports have arrived already).

This is a great opportunity for them to experience a part of the world outside of the town they grew up in.  And the Isles of Scilly is a great place for an artist to build one’s art portfolio.

The nest is emptying.  It’s going to feel different around here.